“Sma” Explained

Independence Day

As you have read, when I was very young, I called my dear sister Abby by the name of “Sma”. At the time, and for years after, no one really knew what it meant, least of all me. That was until this morning while sitting in church where I had an epiphany. What greater place to have an epiphany than church, don’t you think?

All of a sudden it came to me and when it did, it made perfect sense. And how pleased I am that it happened on my sister’s birthday!

Sma stands for sister, mother, angel. You see, she Abby has been all these things and more. She is a wonderful sister who, no matter what, always – and I mean always – has my back. She has also mothered me, especially when I was young and she knew our mother Mary was a mother in name only. But my sister looked after me and tried, often not successfully, to keep me out of trouble. And the angel side of her has been my saving grace on many occasions.

On this, my dear “Sma’s”, birthday, I hope the world knows how blessed I am to have her in my life. I have never known life without her and I can’t imagine life without her.

As far as sisters go, I hit the jackpot. From my dear sister Sissy who flew up to Heaven not so long ago, and who is now rocking and rolling with Elvis, to my dear “Sma”, my sister, mother, angel. We three shared a story and a bond that was beyond comprehension for many others to understand. We were Queens of psycho-babbling who could solve the world’s problems in a matter of a couple of hours. We loved nothing more than sharing time with one another from laughter to tears (which often happened simultaneously).

We were more like three best friends and although Sissy is in Heaven, the bond remains. Until we meet again….

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