Calling All Spirits

English: pistol Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9F Pols...

Mother had a propensity to give money to many questionable charities. Remember the Chinese Bibles? She was never as generous as when she could pull out her pocketbook for those she had never met and apparently she could have cared less if it was a scam.

Strange as it may sound, even in death, they call and mail for more, more, more. The latest call was from The National Coalition for Gun Rights. Now mother never had a gun, or at least to our knowledge she never did. She did indeed keep lots of secrets but I’m pretty sure we would have known if she was the proud owner of a Smith and Wesson. Try as I might to get rid of the caller, they were insistent that she was one of their premiere supporters. I explained that she never owned any weapon (except for her big mouth!) and that since she had passed away, there would be no contribution forthcoming.

If you have ever dealt with a phone solicitor, you know how persistent they can be and how difficult it is to get rid of them. They are trained to never take no for an answer. Stating the obvious fact that the person they are inquiring about is no longer with us does not deter their crackerjack techniques. On they went about how important the donations were to their success. Now the funny thing is, I HATE and abhor guns. So, I am the most unlikely of candidates to seek money for anything related to weapons.

I asked them to please take her off their list of suckers, ahem – donators. They refused. The calls continue. Now I’m rethinking my stance on owning a gun. It might actually be perfect to use the next time they call seeking a donation from mother!

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