Northern Exposure

Today when I left my house it was 12 degrees below zero. That got me¬†thinking about our dad’s mother (my grandmother) and her life out on the Minnesota prairie. When our father talked about his time growing up in Minnesota, it was to tell about something humorous or interesting.¬† Seldom did Dad go into detail […]

School Is Cool – But Not In A Wool Skirt

When I had graduated to junior high, Mother insisted I get two wool skirts and sweaters for my new school clothes. She insisted that since it was fall, the clothing would not be too warm. Of course, I always wanted to wear my new outfits on the first day so even though it was quite […]

A Bit of Levity

OK. All you hardcore readers who believe my sister Abby and I have lived a tragic life with a very damaged mother, please remember we had a Dad who protected us and loved us. He had such a great sense of humor and loved to make light of some rather rough patches. My sister and […]

Free as a Bird

One of the benefits to having a mother who was more interested in her next drink, meal, or pill to pop than she was in parenting was that Mother never kept an eye on my sister and me. As we grew older and realized the benefits of this it was extremely liberating. We could go […]

We Don’t Play Games

Our stepmother Beatrice was famous for always spouting off that she and Dad never played games. This was meant as an insult to us kids because she thought we did play games. For two people that purportedly never played games, they could have been in competition with chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov. One incident stands out […]

Time For Some Lighthearted Comic Relief

When I was a little girl, I loved telling riddles and jokes. Comedy was a coping skill I learned at a very young age. However, one of the problems I had was I did not have a plethora of material, so I decided to switch some of my riddles up with different answers. During my […]