More to the story…

In any lifetime of memories, there is almost always more to the story than that which is shared. My sister and I have shared many chapters in our far from normal lives and although some may have been shocking, they have been ours to share. The funny thing is some of our readers, especially those […]

Random Access Memories

In our writings here, my sister and I are all over the place in terms of time. You may have asked yourself: Why don’t they have the stories in chronological order? Here is the answer: our memories come back randomly. We started with the earliest memories, but then we noticed that some of our stories […]

A Banquet Or A Prison Cell?

It seems that in life there are people who love being in a family and there are those who wish they were orphans. Families are a funny thing. We all bring our own stories and our own memories to the table. Some of us feel as if we are seated at a banquet table sharing […]

Happy Birthday, Mother

My sister and I have already written about some of our adventures with Mother on her birthday. There was the year we bought Neapolitan ice cream…which turned out to be the one flavor she hated. There was the year we had the surprise 80th birthday party with several of her relatives. And there was the […]

A Far From Normal Vacation

Every year in June, my beloved John has a trip to some fabulous place. I always look forward to these opportunities and this year was no exception. We were headed to San Francisco on Friday morning to meet another couple and spend all day Saturday exploring the city. I was packed and ready on Thursday […]

North to Alaska!

When I was less than a year old, Dad began making plans to move his little family to Alaska. Dad had served in the Army in the Aleutian Islands, and he loved the area.  Hunting and fishing were special pleasures to Dad, and he assumed that the three of us would enjoy the beautiful wilderness. […]