Looking Cheap (And I Don’t Mean Like A Bargain)

Mother had a way with words. She had an arsenal of put downs and was never shy about sharing them with whoever the audience was around her at the time. One of her so called friends liked to over indulge in makeup and when she got “all dolled up” for a night on the town, […]

Dad’s Other Life

While Dad was the most phenomenal father in the world, he was not the most phenomenal husband in the world. No, actually Dad was always on the prowl and looking for an exciting woman to “hook up” with. My mother once told me he began cheating on her when I was a baby, but I […]

They can’t drive you crazy if you don’t give them the keys

They can’t drive you crazy if you don’t give them the keys… What a great title for a book! I saw this when I was browsing through the book selection while volunteering at our local VA. It reminded me of Mother and our dear stepmother Beatrice, both of whom loved nothing more than driving us […]

Dead…Dead Drunk, That Is

When I was in college, one Sunday afternoon Dad and our stepmother Beatrice had left for the evening to see a movie and have a nice dinner out after the movie. This left my brother Kevin and my sister Sissy to their own devices. Kevin was about 14 years old at the time, and Sissy […]

Mother, May I?

In reflecting on our ‘Far From Normal’ upbringing, it seems little bits and pieces come into our shared memories. One of the many puzzling pieces came to my mind this morning. My sister and I never asked permission from our mother for most things. If we wanted to go outside and play, away we went. […]

High School Confidential

After my earlier article about school, I was reminded of some more teachers I had not mentioned. I wanted to write about my experiences with some of them as they were, obviously, pretty memorable. In my Freshman year of high school, Mrs. Armstrong taught ninth grade English and the one thing I remember about her […]