A Tale of Two Santas

Many people are unaware that Santa Claus does not reside at the North Pole all year round. No, in the summer, he moves to a more moderate climate and lives in Santa Claus, Indiana. I guess it is his summer home. Anyway, when my son Taylor was about five years old, his father and I decided to take him to Indiana.

As you may have surmised, the main purpose of the trip was to visit my mother’s people andSanta Claus introduce Taylor to the southern “kin-folk.” Things were going along very well when Mother’s Aunt Olive suggested a trip to Santa Claus Land.

Santa Claus Land has a small amusement park as well as a restaurant and a few shops. The major attraction, as you can imagine, is the man in the red suit. We walked in to visit Santa and were the only ones in the vicinity.

There was a photographer ready to take an adorable picture of Santa with each of the little darlings. I decided I wanted a picture of Taylor with Santa and so I told him to go up the winding walkway.

Once he got up there, we were all looking at him adoringly, especially Aunt Olive. Santa Claus called out to her

Grandma, come up here and get in the picture with us.

Without a word of correction, Aunt Olive trotted right up to the two of them.

I still have the humorous picture from that day. Santa Claus and Aunt Olive are beaming while Taylor looks completely confused. He knew Aunt Olive was not his grandmother and he wondered why Santa Claus couldn’t figure it out!

Several years later, my beloved John and I visited a Santa Claus Smokingplace with Taylor that also was hosting a visit from Santa. We had no children with us, so a visit to St. Nick was not on the agenda.

Santa was taking a break from the throngs of sugared-up little angels and happened to step outside where we were talking while Taylor had a cigarette.

I remember you…

Santa said.

You were on the naughty list and I see you haven’t changed

he chuckled as he pulled out his pipe and began smoking. Taylor has a great sense of humor and we all saw the irony in the situation.

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