A Tulip By Any Other Name…

TulipsWhen our dear aunt was born, our grandma’s friend, Dora, was there. She of course had to let everyone know what her favorite name was for the newborn baby, the only girl out of eight children. To say our aunt was special would be an understatement! The boys were kept out of the birthing bedroom and received periodic updates from Dora, who fancied herself a midwife. Once the baby was born, you could hear Dora trumpeting the good news for all to hear:

It’s a girl!  And we’re going to name her Tulip!

The boys were aghast at the awful thought of having a sister with such a name.

When they were finally allowed to see the baby and their mother, they begged her not to name the child Tulip. Their mother laughed and assured them that no daughter of hers would suffer such embarrassment.

Our aunt’s middle name is the name of a flower but not Tulip! Her brothers always teased her about the possibility of having such a name and of course told her that if it had not been for them, she would have been forever saddled with the awful moniker.

Any time we are together with our aunt, as Abby and cousin Beverly were recently over the Thanksgiving holiday, the story of Tulip is retold and everyone has a good laugh. Especially our Aunt “Tulip”!

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