Back to Black

Mother was heavy throughout most of her life. She would say that she battled her weight every day. And it truly was a battle!

When it was a special occasion or event,Film poster for The Addams Family (film) - Cop... Mother would always choose black as her fashion color. Her dress would be black, with black shoes, a black purse, everything was black. She thought that black was slimming and that no one would notice her extra pounds.

On Easter, an especially joyous day, there would be Abby and me dressed in pastels and Mother wearing her signature black. It looked like doom and gloom to me. I guess it matched her mood.

I thought that black was a color you wore to funerals to show you were in mourning. I guess that, in her way, Mother was mourning most days. Abby and I were lucky that she didn’t make us dress all in black.  We would have looked more like The Addams Family than we would have liked.

Mother continued later in life with her fashion sense and could always be counted on to give advice about what you were wearing whether you wanted it or not (hence my sister’s mentioning the dreaded question “Are you wearing that?“). Abby and I have learned to follow our own sense of style and shy away from choosing the dark side.

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