Do You Believe in Magic?

There is something quite magical about memories. They can conjure up beautiful visions of the past and make you believe that you are reliving those special experiences. Whenever I look at one of my favorite photos from the past, with my dear sister Abby and me at Christmas, I look at two innocent little girls, dressed like poor pitiful Pearls but with engaging smiles filled with expectation and joy and am transported back to the wonders of the young on Christmas morning.

The smell of turkey cooking reminds me of waking up on Thanksgiving morning knowing my family would be celebrating and sharing a feast of which the most memorable would be the laughter amidst all the sharing of stories of bygone holidays. I can remember in particular the happiness in my Dad’s voice and the huge smile on his face knowing we were all in the same house together.

Listening to Willie Nelson sing “On the Road Again” always brings a smile to my face and the magic of memories. Dad loved Willie and enjoyed listening and singing along while driving down the road. Another magical moment.

Royal Copenhagen is a men’s fragrance that Dad wore and whenever my sisters, my brother or I smell it, it takes us back to memories of Dad. So much so that you almost feel his presence. Now that is magic!

Apparently Mother’s husband number three also believed in magic. Remember when he wanted my sister and me to make her disappear? Since we were not magicians, it never happened. Though Lord knows we would have loved to use a vanishing potion on her when we were growing up! Or at least been able to install a mute button that actually worked on Mother when she began her drunken tirades.

Believing in magic is not just for little kids. Magical memories can help you relive those special times that take you back to a happy place. Close your eyes, hop on the magic carpet and get ready for the magic to begin!

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