The Circle of Trust

Cover of "Meet the Parents [HD DVD]"In the movie, “Meet The Parents” with Robert DeNiro, his character talked incessantly about the circle of trust. Since it is considered to be an honor to be invited into the circle, only the most trustworthy were included.

Trust is a necessary ingredient in any family. Having just returned from the wedding of our darling niece Raquel and her knight in shining armor, Miguel, I was reminded once again of the importance of a strong family bond with trust being one of the core ingredients.

My sister Abby is the big sister to all of us. She takes this role very seriously. My sister has stepped up to the plate and been responsible when the rest of us needed that stability (and when, frankly, the rest of us were not being all that responsible). Often my sister has fulfilled the role of Mother since our family was sorely lacking in that area. She has been a comforter, excellent listener, dispenser of awesome advice and always, always trustworthy.

Family dynamics are a funny thing. As we have grown older and hopefully wiser, the one thing that has never changed is our bond. Dad set the tone for family first and we have tried to honor that example. Dad also taught us the importance of honesty and lived his life with the creed that your word is your bond. You should always hold yourself to a higher standard and go the extra mile.

As we continue to weather the ups and downs of life, we will honor Dad’s example and advice by sticking together, remembering the importance of family and never excluding one another from the circle of trust.

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