Crisis or Comedy?

My sister and I endured lots of experiences in our daily lives with Mother. Some of these experiences were negative and some of them were nasty. However, we learned at an early age how to survive and thrive.

Smile 2

Having a good sense of humor was a necessity. Being able to look at the situation and glean some bit of fun was important. We also often ignored Mother’s tantrums and just walked away from her. This didn’t always work when we were younger because she could grab your arm and jerk you back into the crisis. As we got older, we could outrun her and go about our business.

Dad always provided a diversion for all of us. Upon his return from work, his ability to keep Mother at bay was amazing. He also tried to keep things normal by engaging us in conversation about our school day, events in town and around the world, and other things to distract us from the constant state of chaos and crisis our mother created. As for Mother during times like that, she was always there, lurking in the background so you could feel her presence.

Some may say it seemed as if we were always in a crisis, but we prefer to say it taught us how to be independent and responsible for ourselves.  These lessons have served us well in our lives and we continue to laugh about some of our crazy adventures. Our Dad always said the mentally healthy mind does not dwell on the negative experiences but remembers all the good times.

Believe us when we say the good ones way outnumber the bad!

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