Doomed To Look Like A Dork

When my sister Abby and I were in elementary school, most of the girls joined up with the Girl Scouts. Mother loved being involved in organizations, as long as it did not directly include her own daughters. Strange you may say, believe us we know!

Girl Scouts of the United States of America

We have shared about the time I “borrowed” (some say stole) from Mother’s Girl Scout troop. And of course, my sister took selling the cookies quite seriously and I did not. Rather, I found great pleasure in consuming several boxes during breaks from the exhausting work of door to door sales. I found that pedaling my goods worked up quite an appetite!

Abby and I did not have the correct clothing required of Girl Scouts, but somehow Mother was able to get her hands on an old uniform. It was made of a very heavy material and this had lasted for quite sometime. Abby, being older, joined the Scouts and wore the uniform first. She sort of fit in with the look of the rest of the troop members. However, when the time finally came that I was old enough to join the Girl Scouts, and hence get my sister’s uniform handed down, the Girl Scouts had the audacity to modernize their uniform. And, no they did not consult our mother before doing so.Girl Scout in uniform

The new uniform had short sleeves, was a brighter green, lighter material and had a belt. Oh, how I envied these fellow members who were fortunate enough to have the new, fresh, updated and cool looking uniform. I begged our mother to please buy the new uniform but to no avail. Her response was always the same,

 Do you think I’m made of money? Money doesn’t grow on trees!

And the final kiss of death:

 If it was good enough for your sister, then it’s good enough for you!

I was doomed. I now knew that I was stuck with the dorky, outdated uniform for my remaining days of Girl Scouts. Yes, I stood out like a sore thumb, or a dork. The good news was that it wasn’t long before I realized Girl Scouts just wasn’t for me. Why in the world would I want to be associated with a bunch of girls who constantly talked about earning badges and couldn’t wait to clean up the neighborhood to earn their community badge?

I had bigger fish to fry. If I was going to do any cleaning, it would be at my own home where I could have earned a badge for endurance, courage and bravery just for living there!




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