Far From Norman Rockwell

Freedom From Want 2011, after Norman RockwellAs we approach Thanksgiving 2012, Abby and I have many blessings and find our hearts filled with gratefulness.  We will find ourselves together as we always are with our grown children also at the table.  Fiona and I will head north to gather with Abby and John at their lovely country home.  The table will be filled with family and food and oh my, the fun will be over the top!

Our adventures in life have brought us full circle to appreciating the traditions, albeit many far from normal, to this place.  Our Dad loved the traditions and felt if he had his family by his side, he was complete.  The food was sometimes questionable whether cooked by Beatrice or Mary.  The best part was being together with Dad.  The love we felt at the table was palpable.

Abby and I have honed our cooking skills and only fix food that we love.  There will be cornbread dressing with green chilies, sweet potato casserole, strawberry salad, cuppa, cuppa, cuppa, Party Mix, homemade caramels and cookies, Peppermint Pie and Pumpkin Pecan Pie Cheesecake!  Of course there will be turkey but the side dishes will be the main attraction!  (Recipes will follow later.)

Even if you find yourselves at a ‘”Far From Norman Rockwell” Thanksgiving, we hope you will find blessings in your family and friends.  And when all else fails, laugh!  That’s always worked for us.

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