Grab Bags!

When I was quite young, I was a sucker for grab bags from the dime stores that our mother enjoyed frequenting. These stores I frequented had a junk table where they put together grab bags of various crap they couldn’t sell, all bundled together for a minimal cost. Each bag was usually about fifty cents. The contents were a complete surprise for the victim (I mean shopper) and I inevitably fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Checking Out at WalmartMy sister Abby would beg me not to squander my money and would remind me how disappointed I was the last time I fell for the scheme. But, I would not listen. I was dreaming about the great treasure that I would find inside and could hardly wait to purchase the bag containing the mysterious items. I would look at all the bags, the sizes and shapes and try to pick out the perfect one. Then up to the counter I went to  cheerfully part with my money.

Abby and I would exit the store and I was fairly bursting to rip open the bag. Once I opened it, I would look at the bunch of junk and wonder why I insisted on wasting my money this way. My sister would always try to cheer me up and say maybe next time it would be filled with actual treasure. One of the nicest qualities about Abby was she has never, ever made fun of me. She could easily have said

You dope! I tried to tell you not to waste your money.

But she never did. And to this day, many years later, I can say she has never made fun of me.

Child LaborI guess she thought our mother did enough of that. We knew that it was important for us to build each other up and not destroy the other person with nasty comments and insults. Our Dear Dad always said if you talked poorly about your family, that it reflected poorly on you. Mother was certainly evidence of that.

It is no wonder that my sister is my best friend, cheerleader, supporter and confidante. Having a person in your life that you can always count on is a priceless blessing. I guess you could say in the grab bag of life, I was fortunate to have Abby in mine!

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