Happy Veteran’s Day, Dad!

Prime Minister Winston ChurchillOur dad was a World War II veteran. He was proud of his service but more proud of the education he received because of the GI Bill. The GI Bill allowed him to complete high school, graduate from college and finish law school so he could go on to become a top rate attorney.

He loved his profession, looked forward to going to work every day and knew what a difference it made in our family’s life.

Education was considered a must in our family and we were taught the importance of being able to earn a good living. My sister Abby and I were always able to depend on ourselves to pay our way and be independent. It is very freeing to realize that you are self sufficient.

While Mother was busy doing her idle activities, Dad was showing us by example the importance of a career. Since the role of homemaker was not well suited for our mother, Abby and I had no interest in sitting around a house all day drinking and smoking or being involved in Scrabble tournaments. We thought if that what was meant by homemaking, we wanted no part of it!

Interestingly enough, our mother was also in the service prior to meeting our father. She did not complete her duty due to an unfortunate little problem of having a baby out of wedlock. She was promptly discharged and pretended that it never happened. Another far from normal reaction to life!


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