I love Girl Scout Cookies!

My experience selling Girl Scout Cookies varies quite a bit from my sister Abby’s. She took the job very seriously and had made a commitment so didn’t want to let her leader or the troop down. All I really cared about was getting my hands on those oh so delicious cookies!

Girl Scout Cookies

In those days, you actually were trusted with an entire carton of cookies. You were told to go door to door and sell the cookies and when you ran out of the product, you had to return the cash and they would restock your supply. Being a sugar addict and never having cookies available to me, I devised a great plan. I tried to sell a few boxes and then decided to go on a cookie eating binge!

Those hours “on the road” pedaling the sweet cookies made me very hungry. I thought to myself that since the cookies were available I may as well sample a few. I tried a few Thin Mints, then on to the Peanut Butter cookies, and back again to the Thin Mints. Before I knew it, I had eaten two boxes of cookies and had no way to pay for them.

Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints & Samoas

I headed home and Mother (who usually paid little attention to our activities) got her nose right into mine. She asked why there were two missing boxes and not enough cash to cover the supply. I told her a sad little story about how hungry I was and she blew up! Again I heard her usual refrain about did I think she was made of money and what was I thinking.

They say all’s well that ends well. I am still living, which is a plus. I never heard the end of the cookies and how irresponsible I was.  But I can honestly say it was worth it.  That moment of bliss when I took the first bite was so worth it!



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