They lead such boring lives….

Dad used to tell us that one of the nice things about having such colorful characters (code words for insane whackos) in our lives was that it was not boring. He was sure right about that! From two mothers who had issues, to relatives that led colorful and sometimes criminal lives, the people in our lives were never boring!

If our friends had a normal family, you know, with two parents who acted like adults, Dad would often say that they had boring lives. Now this was not to glorify Mother’s or Beatrice’s behavior but he always tried to get us to see that our experiences might make a good story later on in life. Well, he got that right too!

My sister Abby and I share the stories to keep Dad’s memory alive and also to let others know that dysfunction comes in various stages and that it is up to each of us to remember; but not to use it as an excuse. Sometimes boring sounded good to us. Especially when one of the mothers was raging, moaning, bitching or screaming.  he Rice Krispie Treats made by our neighbor’s mother and the fresh baked cookies also seemed to be something we would have loved. Instead we settled for greasy, overcooked meals served with curdled milk and a side of indigestion.

Boring is sometimes exactly what a soul needs. But Dad was right. A constant diet of it would be, well, boring!

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