Life is Short: Eat Dessert First

Sometimes in the summertime, Mother had had quite enough of her children, and Lindy and I would be packed up for a two week vacation in Chicago. This was not like the vacations we took to Indiana or to Minnesota. No, this time, we were on our own. We were sent to visit either of our two sets of aunts and uncles living in the Chicago area.

Chicago from across Lake Michigan.

Usually, we divided our time between the two families so that no one got stuck with us for too long. Remember, we were traveling with no money and some big ideas about how our time on vacation should be spent.

Lindy and I loved Lake Michigan, the museums and the amusement parks; but most of all, we loved the restaurants. Whoever enjoyed our visit better have deep pockets.

Of course, sometimes we brought books along to read. I liked Nancy Drew mysteries (like Nancy Drew’s Mystery of the Old Clock) and Lindy loved the Curious George books. One summer we managed to read all of Anne of Green Gables, which was quite an accomplishment.

One of my favorite summer memories is when we were visiting my dad’s brother Uncle Wayne and his wife Aunt Evelyn. These were Cousin Beverly’s parents, but at this time she was not old enough to play a part in this drama. Uncle Wayne was at work and Aunt Evelyn had planned a lovely lunch of pizza followed by strawberry pie.  Now, not only were Lindy and I thrilled with the idea of pizza – which was a rare treat for us – but we were over the moon at the thought of the strawberry pie, a delicacy of a dessert that we would never have been allowed to have at home.

A strawberry pie.

Right before we were ready to eat, the phone rang and one of my aunt’s friends was on the line saying she would be stopping by shortly. Well, I figured that was the end of the pie–at least for Lindy and me–but no, Aunt Evelyn got off the phone and brought the pie out to where we were sitting.

There’s not enough of this pie for anyone but the three of us

she said.

Here, eat the pie up before my friend comes. We’ll share the pizza with her.

Lindy and I were elated! Not only did we get pie, but we got to eat it before eating anything else! What a great day!

Sometimes it is the little things in life, like having dessert before the rest of the meal, that absolutely makes your day. Sometimes, something very far from normal turns into a lovely memory.

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