Mama Drama and the Holidays

In perusing all our tales of poor mental health (especially Mary, our mother, and Beatrice, our stepmother) it seems it might be a good idea to suggest a few examples just to test those around you, especially with the holidays upon us. So, as your family gathers, check to see if they have any of these responses.

When asked what time they go to bed, is their answer a loud:

When we’re damn good and ready!

Or when preparing the meal do your hear Christmas carols playing sweetly in the background, or do you hear instead:

You kids are driving me insane! Why can’t I get some peace and quiet around here?

How about this response to casual conversation:

Why does everyone insist on treating me like the village idiot?

Or how about slamming the door to your bedroom, clicking the lock shut quite loudly, and escaping to your bedroom in response to the family gathering and realizing you are not the center of the universe?

Have you experienced a parent being so out of control that they eat, drink or pop pills just to escape into imaginary land? Being unable to handle everyday life and wishing your kids would disappear are attributes both our mother and our stepmother shared. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have a magic wand to wave that would make their problems (AKA their children) disappear. So instead they used their sharp tongues to let us know how unhappy they were. As if we really cared.

Kind of like when the Grinch goes to Whoville and steals all the presents and food. He is sure that he has ruined Christmas. Much to his amazement, Christmas came anyway. Because Christmas didn’t need the gifts and the glitz. Christmas was about something more important. It was about being together.

We had fun despite the unruly and unnecessary “Mama Drama”. You see, we exhibited healthy attitudes about these “queens” and realized that the choice was ours. Whether to allow them to ruin our holidays or to be happy despite the angst. Happiness triumphed every time!

In the holiday spirit of goodwill towards all, here’s wishing you a drama-free celebration, enough sugary treats to make you extra sweet and the true blessing of family, with or without the nuts!

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