New House, New School, New Bullies

When we had moved to our new house on Indiana Court, I attended a new elementary school. There were two ways to get there. Either you ran down a steep hill, gaining momentum as you ran and tried not to tumble; or you went on the path, which was level. Naturally, I chose the path.

After a few days of walking on the path, I noticed a A dirt path in beautiful Virginiacouple of boys hiding in the woods. I paid little attention to them at the time as my goal was to get home without incident.

One particular afternoon I was on the path on my way home when three boys jumped out of the woods and confronted me. They teased and taunted and made sure I could not escape as they blocked the path. I tried to talk my way out of this by telling them I would tell the authorities.

They laughed and threatened me that if I did, I would live to regret it. I then zeroed in on my biggest threat, namely that maybe they hadn’t heard of my dad, but they surely would if they continued to bully me.

Oh yeah?  Who’s your dad anyway?

they said. I told them in my most mature voice that he was a lawyer and could throw them all in jail!

The laughter that echoed throughout the woods made me cringe.

They were calling my bluff and I had no way out but to let them pummel me so I could get home. The three of them pushed me and hit me numerous times but finally I was able to get away.

When I returned home, Mother confronted me about why I was late and why I was such a mess. I explained the incident and, Mother of the Year that she was, her steely response was simply:

Well, you’re just going to have to figure it out.

And being the tattletale that I was, I told the school principal, gave the names of the three boys involved, and waited for them to receive the punishment they deserved. That afternoon there they were on the path, calling me a snitch and waiting for me to try to pass them. I decided that I had to resort to fighting back and was determined to win this fight. I kicked and smacked and pushed until they gave up and I was able to head home.

I am happy to report that it never happened again. I guess the boys didn’t want anyone to know that a girl had been able to whip three of them at the same time.

As for Mother, I never told her the outcome nor did she ask. She had a very short attention span when it came to her children.


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