No Man Is An Island

FamilyMy sister Abby and I have always had a close relationship. Our dad taught us from an early age the importance of family. He always said that if we made derogatory remarks about each other that it would reflect poorly on us. I am sure that is one of the reasons we never speak ill of each other.

When people meet us after only having heard about us from the other sister, they are often amazed at our similarities. We share the same speech patterns and cadence and are almost impossible to differentiate if talking on the phone. My sister Abby is by far the more optimistic one with her head in the clouds. I am more the realist who tries gently to bring Abby back down to earth from the clouds and rainbows. I must say we complement each other kind of like the yin and the yang.

Dad also taught us how important it was to always be there for each other. Your family is supposed to be your sanctuary, where no matter what, they will always be there for you to catch you when you fall down. Every family has issues. Those that say they don’t are messing with the truth. We try to be cheerleaders for our family and listen more than talk. If there is a problem, we try to solve it. If we need a shoulder to cry on, we try to provide it. No problem is too big or overwhelming that a little sister time won’t cure.

Our family may be small but oh it is mighty! Mighty in prayer, faith, love and kindness. There is power in sticking together and sharing a family story. “You need me, just call and I’ll be there!”

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