None of Your Business Bar and Grill

Sidetrack Bar & Grill bar areaAs I was driving today, running Christmas errands, I noticed that a neighborhood bar has been renamed “None of Your Business Bar and Grill”.  I smiled knowingly to myself and thought immediately how much Mother would have loved to frequent a place with such a colorful name.  I can just hear her saying in her usual smart ass way when asked where she was going or where she had been:

None of your business!

At that colorful turn of a phrase, Abby and I would have wondered why she was in a mood…but then we would have shrugged it off as just Mother being Mother.  If we had really wanted to get her going we might have asked what she meant.  This way of engaging her would not end positively, but sometimes we were tempted just to see in what way she might take the bait.

I am sure that Mother would have loved to tell anyone who questioned her that where she hung out was “None of Your Business.”  Eventually, she may have fessed up to it being the name of her new favorite place to relax and mellow out (and by “mellow out” I mean “getting blind, stinking drunk”).

This establishment, unknowingly, provided me with a good laugh and put a smile on my face as I fondly remembered what a mouth she had!  And, how she never was afraid to put it to use.

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