Painting the Back Seat Purple

Purple colorOn one of our road trips to Minnesota, Mary had decided to join us.  I was cursed with motion sickness as a young child and did not hesitate to empty the contents of my breakfast while driving down the road.

Apparently I had consumed something purple because after a bout of projectile vomiting, Mary uttered these famous words,

Well, she’s painting the backseat purple!

Not exactly what you want to hear on your drive to Grandma’s.

Knowing Mary’s culinary skills, or lack thereof, it might have been something purple she had fixed.  Or, maybe the medicine she fed me on the way out the door was purple in color.  It remains a mystery but thankfully I did outgrow the motion sickness and since Mary no longer went on trips to Minnesota, the episodes of vomiting stopped.

One might deduce I had a nervous stomach.  I prefer to think of it as “Mary sickness”.  If she was in the car, the likelihood of me throwing up was almost 100%.  No Mary and no sickness.

As our journeys continued without her, Abby and I enjoyed the relative calm in the car and the lessons and games played while driving down the highway with our Dad.  It was a Mary-free zone and we loved every minute!


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