Pure Joy

JoyThere are times in our lives when we are truly living in the moment. And in those moments it is that we are reminded of the pure joy in life. Children always live in the moment and seem to be filled with joy over what sometimes are the simplest of pleasures. When my sister and I were young, our dad returning home and us running into his arms was as close to heaven as I can imagine. He grabbed us up in a big bear hug and smiled his endearing smile and we knew pure joy.

Spending time with those we love whether just visiting or attending a special occasion brings great joy to all. Joy is not bought in a store or purchased. Joy is that amazing feeling when you are surrounded by those you love.

It is so important to take time to remember these moments when we are surrounded by our loved ones, and the joy that is created by their presence and our great fortune to have them as we walk together through life.

Our dad was filled with joy and spread that joy wherever he went. Just his presence was enough to fill a room (and our hearts) with joy. There is something wonderful about smiling at the memory of shared joy.

As our family gathers for a very special occasion as our niece Raquel will be married today to the love of her life Miguel, we once again experience that pure unadulterated joy of family. Yes, even with all the dysfunction, the trials and the tribulations, our gathering will be filled with laughter, giggles, stories and lots of affection. The power of joy will overcome all else. The joy will be evident on all the faces gathered to witness this marriage between our dear little niece as we welcome her husband into the far from normal fold.

They say joy is not in things, it is in us. How true. Even with the wacky family we have, it is our family and we will hold this special time in our hearts.

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