SADD: Seasonally Affective Drinking Disorder

Mother suffered from SADD, commonly known as seasonally affective disorder. To my sister and I it seemed like Mother really had seasonally affective drinking disorder. It seemed the colder the weather, the more often she found her way to the cupboard to get a big drink of “happy juice.” Yes, the ever-present, mysterious glass of what we learned later was hard liquor.

She consumed more of the special juice in colder weather because she hated snow, ice and being stuck indoors with her family.

In warmer weather, she loved sun bathing and apparently didn’t think as much about Gin, Tonic and Falltipping up a glass. This is not to say she didn’t imbibe in the summer, she just seemed to wait until the sun went down before she began her binge drinking. Since Abby and I were in bed early, we weren’t subjected as much to the effects her consumption of all things hard liquor.

Our mother complained constantly about the cold weather and wondered why anyone in their right mind would subject themselves to such a harsh climate. I guess you could say the writing was on the wall: she would eventually find her way to a warmer climate.

Dad loved the four seasons and said that winter was the perfect time to get caught up on your reading and all of your indoor projects. Besides, your house always felt so cozy and warm when there was snow on the ground.

It's great to be a kid - 354/365Abby still could do without snow but is not a complainer. She loves the spring when she can get outdoors and begin gardening, which has become quite a passion of hers. I love snow and find myself remembering Dad pulling us on our sled on The University of Chicago campus, regaling us with tales that we have never forgotten.


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