A Second Look at the Animals’ Merry Christmas

Cover of "The Animals' Merry Christmas (L...Last year I wrote about a favorite childhood book called “The Animals’ Merry Christmas.” Unfortunately, I did not write about this wonderful book in time for parents and grandparents to order it for their children and grandchildren. This year, I encourage you to order it if you have any young person in your life for I know they will love it. In fact, even if you don’t have any young person in your life, you can still order it for yourself and enjoy the marvelous stories. Do it right now and make some reading memories with a child you love.

As you may remember, Dad read the stories in “The Animals’ Merry Christmas” to my sister and me. We enjoyed hearing about “The Goat Who Played Santa Claus,” which is a story about a goat who set about fulfilling the various Christmas wishes of the animals in the barnyard. He even managed to locate some red long underwear and since he already had a beard, he looked a lot like St. Nick as he made his rounds.

“The Snow-Shoe Rabbits” is a story about a family of rabbits who are trying to make it to Grandmother’s house for Christmas. A little snow is not going to stop them: they just put on their snow-shoes and off they go.

Of course, Dad’s favorite story to read to us was about a family of tigers whose father brought home a goose to fatten for Christmas dinner. The goose becomes a family pet with each member of the tiger family making a special gift for the goose. Mr. Tiger finally has to do something to make sure his family is happy on Christmas.

Each story in this collection is a fun and entertaining short story or poem. I can’t forget to mention the poem “The Pig’s Christmas” in which a pig leaves his house with lots of money and good intentions of buying gifts for his friends. Well, you know what they say about good intentions. Along the way, he gets caught up in the delight of purchasing things for himself and of course, disappoints his friends. My sister and I enjoyed saying, “What size?” asked the clerk.  “My size, if you please,” we would respond, and we would laugh uproariously. (Actually we still do this.)

There are wonderful illustrations and fabulous Christmas stories.  Your family will be delighted with the joy of sharing this book.

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