Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One of the things about our dad was just how much he enjoyed life. He found pleasure in a beautiful sunrise, fresh fallen snow, a deer in the woods and being outdoors on a crisp fall day. He loved “being in the moment,” a catch phrase that today he would have found over used and unnecessary. Finding pleasure in everyday life was another gift that he gave to my sister Abby and me.

Winter SunshineWhen our aunt sent me a beautiful, wintry nature vignette yesterday, that won the prize at a major competition with music provided by Kenny G, it is no wonder it brought back memories of Dad. The instrumental version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that accompanied the vignette reminded me of our Dad because he loved nature and the outdoors. As I was watching it, a little tear came to my eye because I was reminded once again how very much Abby and I miss him!

Arcola's AngelThere is never a day that goes by that we aren’t reminded of something that brings back memories of him. It is like a little angel moment as we stop, reflect and usually smile at the memory. Abby and I both feel his presence and know he is looking out for us.

There are moments that enrich your life and stay with you. A special story or song can trigger a smile or a tear. Dad always told us to keep the stories alive and we are doing just that with our writing. He didn’t want us to be depressed or maudlin. It was okay to be sad for a few days but then to remember the good times, the love of a dad for his girls and the bond that will never be severed.

Yes, Dad is there, somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. In a place where he no longer suffers and is ecstatically happy. Sounds like Heaven to me!

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