The Best Sister in the World

Cover of "Far From Normal"You already  know that my sister Lindy and I have a special bond, much more than most sisters. People who are from so-called normal families will tell me that they speak with their sister once a month or so. That is not the way with Lindy and me. We speak every day and sometimes several times a day. It’s amazing we are so close considering the dysfunctional start our relationship had.

When my sister was born, I was two years old. At that time women stayed in the hospital for ten days and our mother Mary made sure she enjoyed every one of those ten days. Worry about her two year old who was being cared for by Mother’s alcoholic father and her wicked stepmother? No way. Mother was on a vacation from family responsibilities.

Dr. SpockOnce I was allowed to come home and our family was reunited, I noticed a pink blanket that had been given to my new sister as a baby gift. I immediately took it from her basket and bonded with that soft, fluffy thing. I named it “Pinky.” My mother said that she realized I needed to feel special and so she allowed me to keep Pinky. I think it’s more likely that she was too “tired” (drunk) to argue with me and she didn’t think the baby would notice.

As Lindy and I got older, my mother made a big point of saying:

You don’t have to take her along.

whenever I was going somewhere. I guess it was from her days of taking care of Aunt Marty and Uncle Bob, but my mother didn’t want me to have any responsibility for my sister.

Dad, on the other hand, wanted Lindy and me to bond; and he provided lots of opportunities for us to do so. Our Saturdays in Taylorville were one of the ways we learned to get along and support each other as were the trips to the farm in Minnesota.

When our parents divorced, my sister and I were there for each other, and we have been every day of our lives since. The divorce made us realize that these adults have problems and while we are not the cause of them, we are going to have to find our own way for a while since these two cannot help.

My sister and I are more alike than different. We often select the same clothing and we once both purchased the same key ring at different stores.Whenever anything happens in my life, I want to share it with Lindy and she does the same with me.

My sister is the one person who always takes my side. She never thinks the other person might be right; she believes I am. It is wonderful having a sister who always has your back. She is funny, compassionate, and smart. Her writing is way better than mine, but we both praise the other when we write these articles.

The experiences we went through as children would have been more damaging if we had not had each other. Luckily, we both realized our lives were Far From Normal, and if that is what I had to go through to get such a fantastic sister, it was well worth it.

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