The Candy Fairy

CandyWhen my sister Abby and I were little girls, since Abby was older, she figured out ways to outsmart me. One of her favorite games was playing “The Candy Fairy”. Whenever we had sweet treats, my sister would gobble hers up so quickly that I thought she had superhuman powers. I tried to savor my candy and would just take a little teeny bite. Of course, Abby’s candy was gone. Thus my sister invented “The Candy Fairy”.

Abby would say to me, the innocent child:

Oh, I think if I just close my eyes, the Candy Fairy will come and drop a big piece of chocolate in my hand.

Now, I never was one for fantasy and fairies. I knew the truth about the big guy, Santa Claus, before Abby even though I am younger. I burst that bubble for her and she still talks about my audacity to share such privileged information.

Back to the gullibility of a little sister. As Abby so sweetly held her hands out and closed her eyes, I couldn’t imagine letting her down. I plopped a big piece of my candy in her hands and told her to open her eyes for the big surprise. Abby was elated and gobbled up the chocolate. She magically knew  I had more candy and would try the ploy again. Each time it worked. I gave up my candy and my sister consumed it. I loved how happy she was when she discovered the candy in her hand. I was able to put a smile on her face and let her believe in fairies.

I eventually learned that she was trying to get more of the sweet stuff and that she didn’t really believe in fairies either. That’s just the kind of relationship we had. I didn’t want to disappoint her and she enjoyed making a fool out of me! (not really…I think) The look on her face of delight and happiness was worth every piece of chocolate I put in her hand.

We loved each other then and still do, as much as any two sisters possibly could. We still try to surprise each other and once we got our new sister, we became a band of three. Our dear little brother soon learned that one against three never worked in his favor.

It is one of those special stories that we love to tell and laugh about. Two little girls, sharing a memory.

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