The Fabric of Our Lives

I heard a great quote while watching the television show ‘The Waltons’:

The family fabric gave from time to time but the mending always made it stronger.

As with any family, we have had our ups and downs. The female parental units were often the instigators of the issues within our family. In fact, they put the ‘crazy’ in crazy quilt.

Mary, our mother and Beatrice, our stepmother (and the mother of Sissy and Kevin), had quite a bit of power when we were younger and not wiser. Once we wised up, we were able to switch their power off and made them pawns in the family instead of the main players.

As adults, my sisters Abby and Sissy, and my brother Kevin and I try to maintain our fifty-one year bond as a family. We sometimes have experienced the fabric giving but we always try to mend it which does indeed make it stronger.

As we age and our health concerns have become our focus, we are reminded that we are not immune from life altering situations. We are all people of faith and our prayers have become very personal with hopes for miracles, especially for Sissy’s cancer and Abby’s PKD. It seems health is something you take for granted until the reality of illness hits you in the face. We have had a real smack down in the past year and sometimes we have handled it with grace and sometimes we have been on our hands and knees begging God for that miracle.

September 1st was Raquel’s wedding and we all gathered together to celebrate her big day. The fabric was once again mended and we all are stronger as we face the next momentous event.

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