The Know-It-All

AA meeting sign

Mother never attended a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous to our knowledge.

However, for one who did not attend, Mary certainly thought she knew all about Alcoholics Anonymous and about alcoholism in general.

She would often tell Abby and me that the alcoholics were just trading one addiction for another.  When asked to clarify, she would say

They run the candy machine as if they are playing the slots in Vegas.

First, you may wonder how she would know this bit of information. Second, you may wonder why she acted as if this was a terrible thing. I personally have never heard of anyone being picked up while under the influence of a Butterfinger or Baby Ruth. I think there are way worse things than being on a sugar high.

But as you have come to know our mother in these stories, you surely must think she was quite entranced with her own opinions.  And you would be right!

Looking back now, I wonder if she attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting just once to see what it was all about or whether she went periodically to snoop around for eligible men to marry. One can only guess. Being secretive about certain aspects of her life, Mother never divulged exactly how she met her third husband.

Maybe she heard that waiting around after a meeting was a great place to meet your next partner.

I can only imagine that if she did ever attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, she would have been escorted out when she started with her verbal accusations toward other members and her refusal to accept the rules of being kind and considerate.

Abby anButterfingerd I do not drink but certainly do not condemn others who make that choice. We would rather eat our addictions. Bring on the Butterfinger Candy Bars!

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