The Naughty List

English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying...As Christmas approaches, Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice. History shows that old Santa has been keeping track of us for centuries.

Unfortunately, we have someone on the naughty list who has been there many times. Mary, who never was much for lists herself, almost always made Santa’s naughty list.

Was it her bad attitude? Or too much eggnog, wine, brandy soaked fruitcake, and various prescription pills? Santa never knew exactly what caused her to behave in such a way.  But, year after year, her name was written down as a bad example.

The funny thing was that Mary didn’t care.  Abby and I are sure that, as a little girl, if her parents mentioned Santa Claus, she just laughed and thought to herself

What can an old fat man do to me?

Mary continued making the naughty list as an adult and – you guessed it – could have cared less.  She liked to scare Abby and me by saying that if we didn’t do exactly as she said, that Santa would forget all about us on Christmas Eve.  We didn’t believe her because we knew that her threats were mostly baseless and the motive was always suspect.

Our dad made sure that we knew that Santa would come and we would awaken to lots of presents on Christmas morning, left by a special elf named Dad.


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