The Staples of Life

Grocery StoreWhenever our dad stopped at the grocery store he always made sure to pick up bread, eggs and milk. I guess he thought that if nothing else we could always have eggs and toast. It was a good plan since you never knew when you might be without food. These ingredients also were apropos for the famous Pancake Palooza breakfasts.

Dad also provided us with the other staples necessary to have a good life: experiences, knowledge, understanding and a huge amount of love. Although my sister often says in regards to our mother and our stepmother that you can’t give what you don’t have, Dad had plenty of all the right ingredients to make two little girls feel secure in an otherwise far from normal world.

If my sister or I had a problem we knew we could count on Dad to help us solve it. He was the one we talked things over with as children and teenagers. Later, when we were adults, he was the one we called to get advice from. Many people say when you need help, call Mom. That was not our experience. Our story is one of a tremendous parent who loved his daughters as much as any parent could. And oh, how we loved him back!

Now our mother and our stepmother did not have much of a plan when it came to meal planning or to child raising. They bought food and they engaged with us when necessary. Mother was famous for having groceries but nothing to make a meal with, and Stepmother was famous for running out of some of the main ingredients to make a meal. I’m not sure if this was on purpose, but it seemed to work for them because they continued the practice for years. Neither of them were entranced with the children, so we were all fortunate to have Dad who, despite the two of them, tried his best to engrave special memories on our hearts.

Problem solver, meal maker and always there for us. What more could you ask for?

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