Wishy Washy?

One of the things about our mother was you would never say she was wishy washy. No way! You knew exactly what she was thinking because she was born without a filter. And just like a car without a filter, she was loud and obnoxious.

Mother’s mouth was open and if she wasn’t eating, drinking or popping pills, she was exercising her mouth by letting anyone and everyone within a five mile radius hear her thoughts and opinions. Not caring what others think may sound like a moment of enlightenment. But trust me when I say, it was anything but.

Mother loved to give advice, loudly, warranted or not. From fashion to food to faith to friends to hairstyles to parenting (Big laugh here!) she was a self perceived expert. Remember this came from the overweight, abusive, alcoholic woman who had an over inflated ego.

She was especially fond of whispering loudly when out in public about the appearance of complete strangers. She would whisper loudly

See that woman over there? Well, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit she’s wearing!


See those kids? They act like they don’t have a lick of sense.

The problem was that her whispering voice was lacking in the whispering department. Her middle name should have been “loud”.

One of the best lessons I have learned from her lack of tact is that do not give unsolicited advice. It seems sometimes that you might be able to really help another person with your ideas on how to improve. However, unless they ask you, it is best to keep it yourself.

And, if sharing your opinion, it is OK not to be wishy washy. But always try to be tactful…a word missing from Mother’s vocabulary.

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