Write the Little Story

English: Dear Abby star on the Hollywood Walk ...As my dear sister Abby and I have been sharing our memories, each one seems to spark another story. And so it seems that although each vignette may be just a little story, if one puts them altogether, they become a mighty blend of our lives.

I have been the lucky one in many ways. You see, I have never known life without my dear sister. She had two years without me but I have always had her by my side. There is something so comforting and glorious about that relationship. My memories always have my sister in them and even today, although miles may separate us, she is always right there with me.

Abby is the best friend, best supporter, and best cheerleader in the world. She is the first person I think of to share good news with and also to share bad news, as she is my chief consoler. When I think about our relationship it has been a whirlwind of goodness.

How many people are as lucky as I am? Not very many. To know my sister is to embrace life and all that is good. She embodies selflessness exhibited by her summers taking care of our Dear Dad. Setting the bar high about the importance of family has been her priority.

As the oldest of the four siblings, she did everything first. Drove a car, dated, graduated, went to college, got married and had a baby. We all looked up to her and our dear Sissy, who is in Heaven, used to say she was the mother of our group. Since our mothers were less than maternal, Abby filled that role with grace.

I am indeed the lucky one! So, thank you Dear Abby for being my best friend, my mentor, my adviser and my sister! I love you to the moon and back!

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