Home permanents

English: Hair wound ready for permanent-waving...Whenever Mother found out it was picture day at school, she would buy two home permanents for my sister and I. The night before, she would make us sit for hours while she tried to torture our hair into curls. The solution smelled horrible and she said you must not wash your hair for at least a week, so the odor stayed with you for quite some time.

On picture day, we were almost unrecognizable to our classmates. Our hair was in either “tight old lady perm curls” or was just wacky, crazy curly. Both looks were not attractive on little girls and made us feel like science experiments.

When we were older, we refused the beauty treatment and her response was her usual, illogical thinking.

Well, don’t blame me if your school pictures don’t turn out!

It was just another day in paradise with our mother.  Way to go, Mom.

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