A Bit of Levity

Tragic Life StoriesOK. All you hardcore readers who believe my sister Abby and I have lived a tragic life with a very damaged mother, please remember we had a Dad who protected us and loved us. He had such a great sense of humor and loved to make light of some rather rough patches. My sister and I were not the only ones who had to put up with mother’s lifelong PMS. Dad endured it also.

Gin and TonicIn our later childhood years, we paid about as much attention to her as she paid to us when we were infants. We could outrun her and often that was our best strategy. Due to her love of imbibing in her special drinks, we often just let her sleep it off. The quieter she was, the better for all of us.

School was one of our salvations. Many of our waking hours were spent away from mother and with the normal activity of school, friends and activities, it was a great escape.

SwimmingOn the weekends we spent most waking hours with Dad, swimming at The Y on Friday nights, returning on Saturdays to the little town where we lived for a short time or special Sunday drives. It didn’t seem strange to us that Mother never went with us. We were just ecstatic to have Dad all to ourselves.

We never found ourselves bored or boring. Dad taught us that fact. He almost made it seem that we were lucky because of our story. The cookie baking Stepford mothers were not part of our repertoire. Although we envied some of our classmates that returned home to fresh baked cookies and a clean and tidy home, we knew what we were dealing with and lowered our expectations.

If we wanted sweets, we either cozied up to one of the neighbors or returned pop bottles (yes, they were bottles made out of glass) to get enough money to buy some chocolates or sugary treats. My sister and I learned resourcefulness at an early age and that has served us both well. We are not only excellent problem solvers, we are also well adjusted and happy, independent women.

So, if you find yourself with a handkerchief drying a few tears while reading our story, remember that we are “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and enjoying every minute!

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