A Diller, A Dollar, What Crap Can I Buy For A Dollar?

The unique marketing idea of a “dollar store” was one of our mother’s many compulsions. She always favored for quantity over quality and loved nothing more than perusing each and every aisle in these bargain basement establishments. My sister Abby and I would cringe whenever she mentioned “running” over to “The Dollar Store” because we knew she would want to spend hours there. And we also knew that the junk she bought would only add to her cluttered abode.

Dollar Tree Store

She bought her cards there for special occasions. She loved their paper products and food items. She loved that the spices there were so cheap (yes, one dollar!) and believed you could never have too many bottles of garlic, cinnamon, chili powder saffron, cayenne pepper powder, or onion salt. She filled her basket full with items she did not need and actually never used, once again forgetting she had left California and FantasyLand.

Once we made it up to the cash register, another ordeal would ensue. I would try to help her get her money or checkbook out to speed up the process and she would begin throwing a fit.

I know how to pay my bill and I would appreciate it if you would not treat me like an imbecile.

This was said at high volume so everyone within earshot could hear and enjoy another Hallmark moment brought to us by our mother.

Abby and I did feel good about the fact that we would not see the witnesses to her tantrum again since we do not generally spend time hanging out in dollar stores.  Mother once again taught us a valuable lesson about simplifying. And we learned that there are much better ways of adding spice to your life without purchasing them!

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