After Law School

Pale Ale


Unfortunately, the law business was not very good at first—certainly not enough money coming in to sustain the life-style at the little white house in the Rainbow. We were forced to move to an apartment up over a machine shop one block away from the law office. The apartment was dark, and Lindy and I shared a bedroom there. I attended school while she was left to her own devices most of the day. When I came home from school, if I could not locate my mother, I would walk one block to a little bar called Nat’s.

Nat was one of our neighbors in the apartment and my mother spent countless afternoons in his establishment. I loved to go to Nat’s because I could indulge in both my favorite soda pop, Bubble Up, and the large pretzel rods Nat kept in a jar on the counter of the bar. Most of all, I liked the bar because my mother was happy and laughing. I told myself I would go to the bar every day once I was grown up. In third grade, my life was far from normal.

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