An Inconvenient Family

My sister and I attended the church of convenience for many years. When we joined our new family, it became a family of inconvenience. It seemed that not only were we not welcomed, but we were inconveniencing the idea of family that was in our stepmother Beatrice’s head.

Decatur House Museum plaqueOur step-siblings Sissy and Kevin were enough of an inconvenience to Beatrice. To add in two teenage girls into her household was an abomination for our poor stepmother. She wanted it to be just her and Dad, and sometimes just the four of them. But the thought of six was simply too much for her to accept.

She didn’t realize that our dad wasn’t going to leave us out of the equation and we were part of the package. Not exactly a welcome surprise for our stepmother. We were included in all the family events, beginning with our first vacation as a blended family.

Bottles of AlcoholAnother surprise for all the parties involved was that Beatrice always had pop at her house. She loved Coca-Cola and it was like a dream come true for my sister and me. We were not used to such special treats as our mother limited the beverages around the house to her “happy juice” that she and she alone drank from her mysterious aluminum glass.

With this new world of wonder opened up to us, my sister and I consumed mammoth amounts of the sugary drink. When our stepmother wondered who had been drinking it up, we were silent and tried to fade into the background. Sissy and Kevin were left to be blamed.

As we continued trying to avoid the land mines scattered throughout, we were grateful that Dad was there. He was the constant in all our lives and provided the necessary “normal in a far from normal world”.

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