Baby Aspirin and Candy Cigarettes

"Baby" AspirinWhen Lindy and I were small children, we were not allowed to have much candy at all.  Mary thought if she kept us away from candy, we would not develop a weight problem. Also, our dad was allergic to chocolate, so the thought of Hershey’s never entered his mind.  Instead we improvised by enjoying St. Joseph’s Aspirin for Children.

At night, after we were in bed, either Lindy or I would sneak to the medicine chest and grab the small bottle of orangey treats.  At first, we would each consume one baby aspirin, but as time went on, we decided that more was better.  Many nights we would take up to ten tablets apiece!  Mary never seemed to notice that the supply of children’s aspirin was disappearing fast.  I guess we were very lucky that our night-time treats never resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

Another treat we enjoyed was candy cigarettes.  Why not?  Our mother and father spent the better part of each day clouding the air with blue smoke while they puffed on their Pall Mall and Salem cigarettes respectively.  Lindy and I would open a box of the candy cigarettes which were labeled “Lucky Strike” and begin “pretend smoking.”  We would put the ends to our mouths and then pretend to blow out the smoke.  We occasionally bit down on the white sugary end and then continued doing our pretend smoking.  Yes, we were really cool!


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