Bible School


As a child, having visited many churches over the years, I never felt comfortable in most of them. I did not enjoy listening to preachers who told us we were going to Hell. It seemed rather dismal to me. As far as being “saved”, I wondered what I was being saved from. I liked to hear about how much Jesus loved all of the little children and knew if I had good attendance, I would earn a Bible with my name embossed on it. I loved free gifts and thought a Bible would be a nice book to own.

I did enjoy Vacation Bible School because they had cookies and Hi-C. I loved the sugary drink, the sweet cookies and the coolness of the church basement. I always made sure to sign up so I could enjoy the treats. The teachers liked for the students to memorize Bible verses. They were too long for me and seemed like school. I didn’t think you should have to work hard in the summer. My teacher would ask if I had memorized my verse. I answered politely, “No. But will we still have cookies and Hi-C?” I’m sure she thought I was a bit brash but I always got the cookies.

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