Bismark Puffs? More Like Titanic Puffs!

English: A funnel cake covered in powdered sugar.After our parents were divorced, Mary received alimony and child support each month.   She never learned the art of budgeting and would spend wildly at the beginning of the month which would leave little or nothing at the end.

One of her favorite treats, Bismark Puffs, were delightful powdered sugar rolls filled with a creamy concoction of sugar and butter.  One of these could put you into a diabetic coma in short order.  They came in a package of six and Mary would hide them until she was ready for a sugary high.

My sister and I would usually get to eat one each and somehow, the other four would disappear quickly.  We would go to the special drawer where they were hidden and find an empty package.  Although we were disappointed, we knew not to ask what had happened to the other four puffs.

Much better to forgo the pastry than to incur the wrath of Mary!

The first and only time I lamented the disappearing pastries, Mary flew into such a rage that I knew it was best to act like they had disintegrated into particles and been abducted by aliens.  In her usual accusatory manner, she yelled out, “How would I know what happened?  And, whose Bismark Puffs were they anyway?  Was I accusing her of eating them all?”

Another lesson:  Never accuse a raving maniac of consuming four pastries in an afternoon unless you enjoy verbal abuse.

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