I Fought The Law…

Police OfficerI learned to drive at age 11, and I was allowed to drive a car all over town prior to my sixteenth birthday. Part of the reason for this may have been that my birthday was in December and all of my friends in my junior year of high school were licensed drivers. The other part may have been that Mother didn’t want to inconvenience herself driving me around, and it was easier just to turn over the keys.

One day my friend Mandy and I were driving along in front of our high school. A police car began following us and turned on the siren. I knew this was not a good thing since I was missing one very important (at least to the policeman) document; namely a driver’s license. I pulled over and he asked to see my non-existent license. Being a lawyer’s daughter and very much aware of my rights, I asked him to call my dad while Mandy made a quick exit–luckily she was very close to home.

Dad drove out to where we were at break-neck speed. Luckily, he was not stopped for speeding. He told the policeman (who was insisting on taking me to the police station) that he wanted to ride in the police car with me. The rookie policeman said:

No way.

Dad patiently asked him to call in to his superiors and ask if he could accompany me in the squad car. Reluctantly, he did as Dad asked. He was told that of course Dad could ride with me–in fact it seemed like the entire police force was delighted to have Dad dropping by to see them!

On the way to the slammer, Dad talked with the policeman (who now wanted Dad on his good side). Dad asked him if I was doing anything wrong, was I speeding?  No, no, the policeman replied. I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Then why did you stop her?

my dad wanted to know.

Well, we had a call from a boy…

the policeman said.


my dad said.

After getting things settled at the police station, my dad said to me:

Do you know which boy turned you in?

I replied honestly:


and my dad and I were off to confront him. My dad knocked on his door and his mother let us in. Wally was laying back in his father’s recliner watching TV, and he was totally startled to see my dad towering over him.

You are never to speak to my daughter again. You are never to come near her or you will be very sorry.

Dad said. At this point, Wally’s mother threatened to call the police.

Dad replied:

Call them. We’ve just come from the police station ourselves thanks to your son.

We left victorious! My dad had saved the day and we both felt great. I did have to go to court, but not until I had passed my driving test and gotten an official license.

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