Dad teaches science

Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve which is one of ...Our Dad was always teaching Abby and me special lessons on a variety of subjects.  He never sat us down and said, “Now I am going to teach you a science lesson.”  He just was a natural teacher and loved helping us broaden our horizons.

Whenever there was a thunderstorm, out on the porch we would go.  Dad would explain all about electricity and thunder and lightning as we watched together.  Abby and I grew up not to be terrified by the storm but to marvel in its abilities.

At one point in Dad’s life, he had a Ford Skyliner.  It had a partial glass roof and if you removed the covering you could see the sky.  During one thunderstorm, Dad, Abby and I ran out to the car, pulled off the covering and sat in the car looking up as the storm blew through.  We were all amazed at the experience and it is one that Abby and I treasure to this day

You might wonder where Mary was during the storm.  She was inside not enjoying the lessons but instead was spending time with her best friends – cigarettes, wine and herself.  I am not sure if she was afraid of the storms but I do know she never enjoyed science.



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