Fast Time or Slow Time?

One of the frustrations for my sister about going to southern Indiana was the confusing nature of time. Yes, time itself. When we were children, there was no uniform declaration by the government of what states would go on Daylight Savings Time and what states would not.

Our relatives in the small Indiana towns would each decide for themselves whether to go on what they called “Fast Time”  (Daylight Savings time) or stay on “Slow Time” (Standard time).

Yes, in each of the tiny little The counties of Southern Indiana.southern Indiana towns that our kin called home, different people chose which time zone they would be in.

As my sister viewed it, this was a perfect example of how backwards, bizarre, and confusing things were in that region. She actually puts in more colorful language; something about in-breeding, among other phrases.

It was extremely difficult to make plans with anyone because, in addition to agreeing to the place and time, one also had to inquire

Is that Fast Time or Slow Time?

Uncle Emery refused to change time ever, so he stayed on “Slow Time” all year round. He was a nice man and so he always reminded you that if you were meeting him at noon that would be “Slow Time”, or 1PM “Fast Time”.  While he was saying this, I could always count on my sister muttering under her breath about “Damned hillbillies”, “Hell on earth”, and “God-forsaken piece of…”

Map of Time zonesStores in the area were required to post opening and closing times with Fast or Slow time after the time of day. My sister Lindy found it maddening, while I found it amusing. True to form, Mother found it to be a very “reasonable way” to run life. Nobody was going to tell her what time it was, dammit!

The summer Mother was in the hospital in intensive care, Lindy and I made plans to meet our cousins for a quick breakfast before we left for home. We planned to meet at 8AM; however, we neglected to specify Fast Time or Slow Time. We showed up at the Big Boy restaurant one hour before our cousins and had finished breakfast before they arrived.

Lindy said

This is just the typical crap that occurs when the whole town is not forced to go on the same time.

Just as some people talk a lot about the weather, our kin back in southern Indiana talk about the time.


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    For those friends we all have that are chronically late–a perfect excuse. For the rest of us just a big pain in the…….

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