Going to the Dentist

Medieval dentist removing toothLuckily I had good teeth.  My visits to the dentist involved the usual checking for cavities and cleaning the teeth.  Poor Lindy!  She had all sorts of problems and going to the dentist was a torturous experience similar to lighting your hair on fire.

Lindy would get up in the morning only to be told by Mary, “You have a dental appointment today.”  I guess Mary did not want to give her any advance warning in case she was planning to run away from home or join an Indian tribe far, far away.  Anyway, the two of them would set off for the dentist office with Lindy planning for a morning of unmitigated hell, and Mary planning to catch up on her magazine reading.

Once Lindy got in the chair, the dentist began pulling teeth, filling cavities or putting in spacers for those teeth he had already pulled out.  He seemed to enjoy pushing Lindy’s mouth into all sorts of uncomfortable positions.  When he got done, he would stuff her mouth full of cotton and send her out to re-join my mother who always acted as if she was in the middle of the most fascinating article ever about that darling Pat Nixon.

Once Mary returned from her magazine fantasy vacation, she would gather up their things and rush her out of the dental office acting like it was Lindy’s fault she had cotton in her mouth and loudly proclaiming, “Now you won’t be able to eat lunch before you go back to school.”

By the time they made it to the car, Lindy’s cotton was usually bleeding and beginning to drip.  Mary would admonish her not to get blood on the car and not to forget her note about the dental appointment that would get her back in school.  Lindy arrived at school sometime after the lunch period and she would spend the rest of the day going to the water fountain to rinse out her mouth or putting her head down on her desk to rest from her ordeal.

Lindy did not enjoy going to the dentist although my mother found it to be quite an entertaining morning.  Mary never let anyone else’s problems interfere with her wonderful day.


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