Halloween!!You may be familiar with Halloween as a holiday that occurs on October 31st, or perhaps you are more familiar with the Beggar’s Night from 6PM to 8PM that occurs in some cities on one night near the October 31st date.  Lindy and I knew Halloween as a week of costumed giddiness during which we amassed large amounts of delicious candy.

I don’t know how we knew when to begin, but the week of Halloween we would race home from school, eat whatever so-called dinner was prepared, and change into our costumes while we awaited the arrival of darkness.  We then went from house to house yelling “Trick or Treat” and accepting candy.  Woe to  any house that gave out candy bars especially the large size ones.  One man told Lindy, “You were just here last night.” She knew she had just been there.  He was targeted for giving out such wonderful candy bars.

When we got home, we would sort out the delightful treats and then each of us would take one of the crisper drawers and put our candy in.  (The crisper drawers were never used for their intended purpose–fresh fruits and vegetables – however, they were sometimes used for sprayed clothing waiting for Mary to get in the mood for ironing.)

One evening during the week of the Halloween celebration, Mary was not home and she had left us with an inadequate supply of candy.  My dad said, “I know what to do, let’s make popcorn balls.”  We popped popcorn, but none of us knew the recipe for popcorn balls.  Finally Dad took some Light Karo syrup and rolled the popcorn in that.  He decided they were still not exciting enough, so he added food coloring to the gooey popcorn.  He gave out many popcorn balls that night and they were a big success.  Too bad home-made treats cannot be created by inventive dads today.

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