Here’s some good news!

SistersAs promised in the title, here’s some good news.  During all these trials and tribulations, Abby and I stuck together like glue.  Our bond was so strong that no matter how out of control, whacky and far from normal Mary was, we knew we had each other.  (Two against one made our odds better.)

That bond continues today.  There is something about sharing the same story and “trauma drama” that helps you realize that you are much more than sisters.

We have shared laughter and tears. (We much prefer laughing.)  Joys and concerns and prefer to see the glass half full. (And hopefully clean.)

Mary would note that she was never close to her sister Martha because of the ten year difference in their ages.  She claimed that Abby and I were close because we were only two years apart.  Truth be told, Abby and I are close because we choose to be and know that choice would play an important role in our lives.

It matters little the difference in miles, it matters little how busy our lives are, we are each others cheerleader, supporter, confidante and best friend.  Our Dad would be so proud!

Not wishing to be too maudlin, I must leave with another one of Mary’s favorite sayings:  “Familiarity breeds contempt.”  No wonder she had difficulty with close family relationships!

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