If I Ruled The World

End PKDListening to Tony Bennett sing one of my favorite songs, “If I Ruled The World” reminds me of certain things I would do if I were in charge. First of all, I would rid the world of PKD (polycystic kidney disease) which not only effected my dear dad but also now effects my dear sister Abby. There are lots of other people affected by this disease and to be able to find a cure would be life changing. Then I would rid the world of all cancers, especially pancreatic cancer which affects my other dear sister Sissy. The miracle would be for her to be cancer free and also all others that suffer with these different forms of cancer.

It seems that suffering is inevitable in this life. I wish it weren’t so, but then maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the blessings as much. I especially hate for anyone I know and love to suffer from poor health. They say if you have your health, you are truly blessed.  That is very true: there is no price you can put on good health.

Hungry ChildrenNo one likes to think about children going to bed hungry or cold. It would be a wonderful thing to eradicate the suffering of the children and the elderly. They are often the two groups that are forgotten and dismissed. It is a shame that our culture does not revere the wisdom of the elderly and reach out with a promise to do better with the young.

Having become too familiar with the nursing home system with our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice, I would rework and revamp the way we treat those in need of such care. First, each resident would have their own room and would always be treated with respect. The price would be affordable so as not to bankrupt the family or use all the assets and be forced to work with the government program called Medicaid. Trust me, it is a nightmare from Hell! (Well, that’s another blog post.)

RainbowThere are a myriad of changes that seem beneficial and would help alleviate human suffering. However, just as without rain there is no rainbow, maybe without the trails and tribulations, we would not appreciate the days without pain.

If this place we call home, this planet earth, is indeed our classroom, then the lessons we are learning are preparing us for the hereafter. Thank goodness for faith!

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