Love that laugh

Smile! It's Contagious.Our dad had the absolute, bar none, best laugh in the world! He had a hearty laugh that just made you laugh too. He laughed with his whole body and enjoyed a good story.

People around him found his laugh contagious. You just wanted to be a part of the frivolity. He had a good sense of humor and found the humor in his life instead of the tears. My sister and I think that’s just about the best way to go through life.

Dad’s sense of humor was not hurtful or at the expense of others. He also kept it clean. He was not one to swear in front of us and about the worst thing I remember him calling anyone was a scoundrel. Not a word you hear every day.

Having a good sense of humor has served my sister Abby and me well. We love to laugh and will always choose a smile over a frown.

Mother did not laugh very often when we were around. She may have laughed over her games of Scrabble with Marge or maybe when she had been drinking at the little bar. Mother’s sense of humor either wasn’t as developed as our Dad’s or she saved her laughter for a different audience.


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